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llvm-gcc-4.2.exe error on Mac OSX Lion when building python, c programs

Mac doesn’t offer any big challenges when configuring it for development but IF ONE HAS XCODE installed; and even if you have XCODE 4.1, you’re likely to counter issues when building python or c programs and specially when installing packages or python modules. The error that typically raises is because of the compiler version and looks like:

error: command ‘llvm-gcc-4.2’ failed with exit status 1

So what’s the fix? At the time, I encountered this error I didn’t need the whole XCODE thing and only python and Google App Engine lib along with other packages were enough the tools and technology for my project.

Kenneth Reitz has this very nice installation package called OSX-GCC-Installer on his git repository that comes up with llvm-gcc-4.2.exe, absence of which, kicks in the error.

Download and install the package, and focus on writing logic while installing and compiling programs and packages with a breeze.

Comment if it helps!